Bomb Squad: Development Diary

What's New?

10/11/99: All work on Bomb Squad has been placed on hold for an undetermined length of time. There are some other things that need to be completed first. The project IS NOT being canceled, at least not yet. It is however not going be worked on for at least the next 4 or 5 months. After that ... who knows?

09/24/99: The system interface library, APPSIL, now has a complete function list. Which means, I get to start unearthing API calls for the various platforms.

09/14/99: The level editor, LevED, is going to have the bomb editor, BombED, integrated inside of it. Hopefully, this will make it easier on the level designer, which ... is me.

09/08/99: I have begun development of the bomb editor. Most of the design is complete. Soon I will be able to start on the interface for it also.

09/03/99: Some new features have been integrated into the plan for the levels, and the interface for the level editor is complete.

08/20/99: A level editor and bomb editor have been planned out, and are almost ready for coding. There are still a few details to work out ... but, the tools are almost there. They are currently waiting on the rest of the code framework. See the Diary for all of the details.

08/12/99: I have started on the framework for APPSIL -- Assembly Programmers Portable System Interface Library. This is the library I will be using to keep system specific calls out of the game code. It will be available as soon as I complete it for free use.

08/09/99: A final decision has been reached on the supported platforms. See the Overview page or the Development Diary for the details.

08/05/99: As you can see ... I have started a Development Diary for Bomb Squad. The diary will be updated independent of this page. So, if you want the latest development information check there.

08/04/99: The game design is pretty much complete. I am currently working out the engine framework and making blank source code modules. In the meantime, I have updated the Overview page with answers to some questions that I have been asked lately. Of MAJOR IMPORTANCE is the fact that Bomb Squad will be developed for several platforms ... not just Windows!

08/01/99: I have put up two screen shots. One is of the menu and the other is the loading game screen. It is unknown whether or not we will keep them, but it shows the look that the game will have. Besides, I thought you would like to see something.

07/31/99: The logo for Bomb Squad has been re-done. It now coincides with the cartoonish feel that the game will have. After consulting with the artist, I decided it was better to have everything match. I also have some preliminary screen shots to put up ... I have no idea if they will be "keepers" or not. But, they will be up in a couple of days.

07/24/99: I have officially started this website to promote and spread word of my new game Bomb Squad. Details can be found on the Overview page. Likewise, all Downloads and Screen Shots will be available on their respective pages.

07/23/99: The site is obtained and work is started on the website pages. The Lightning Software main page Http:// just wasn't enough. This game needed to have its own web space.

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